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FIGHT AGAINST EBOLA , Innitiatives taken to counter the Epidemy of Ebola

In colaboration with the global conglomerate which includes UNESCO and the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone. The University of Tor Vergata along with its Professors in immunology, Prof. Prof. Vittorio Colizzi and Dr. Carla Montesano have taken critical steps to irradicate the epidemy of Ebola. Thus, they have provided an outlined report of the iniatives taken.

This report can be accessed by clicking on the link below ( Italian Version):

Molecular Biology and Immunology Laboratory(MBIL) Report...

Fight Ebola

FIGHT AGAINST EBOLA ,“Emergency in Education”.

The Ebola which has ravaged the Western region of Africa is still without a cure but is treatable. In a brefing earlierthis week the president of Liberia lifted the state of emergency and opened the borders to its neiboring States, one of which is Sierra Leone. President Elen Johnson Sirleaf Mentioned that the fight again Ebola is not at an end and will continue until it has been completely irradicated in all the countries which are affected by the outbreak.

Sierra Leone has taking its ow initiatives in the fight against Ebola. In collaboration with the Professor in Medecine from the University of Tor Vergata in Rome Italy, Prof. Vittorio Colizzi and the Parthners in Relief Development in Sierra Leone. Prof. colizzi stated that it is critica to think outside the box and look towards technological advancement in order to combat Ebola at long term read more...