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I papaveri della speranza

Il libro di Patricia Tomaino Njoya è la migliore esemplificazione di cosa significhi essere donna in una società moderna e in evoluzione. La storia del soldato italiano trasferito come prigioniero di guerra in Camerun è una storia al femminile. “I papaveri della speranza” è un racconto della nipote Patricia, parlamentare all’Assemblea Nazionale del Camerun, imprenditrice del caffè, moglie di un intellettuale-politico del Sultanato Njoya, e madre. Patricia descrive gli aspetti familiari e sociali del nonno calabrese emigrato in Camerun dove s’integra in un cultura molto diversa per lingua e religione, e che ancora oggi a distanza di oltre 70 anni esprime i valori universali della nostra umanità.
  Già presentato in lingua originale francese all’Ambasciata d’Italia in occasione della visita di Stato del Presidente Mattarella in Camerun, questo libro viene ora presentato a Roma in lingua italiana che rende più familiare la parte iniziale del libro dove in un piccolo paese della Calabria viene ambientata la nascita del piccolo Tomaino. Questo libro rappresenta la prima scintilla di quello che oggi chiamiamo la “Cooperazione Italo-camerunese”.




Devoted to the increase of Knowledge and technical capacity EUROBIOPARK is consistently reaching new heights with the recent Training course in Rome.  In collaboration with partners such as FARMALABOR amongst others, The Participants both from Cameroon and Italy where engaged in the preparation of Pharmaceutical galenic products. It was a memorable experience which will last a lifetime.

To ensure quality through their future prospects EUROBIOPARK took further initiatives to collaborate with the National Laboratory for Quality Control of Medication and Expertise (LANACOME). This partnership is also a means to reassure innovative research through the transfer of technologies.

 Furthermore, EUROBIOPARK is to guarantee qualified Pharmacologist by partnering with the  IUEC (Institut Universitaire Evangélique du Cameroun). The Merge with Superior Institute in Tertiary and industries (ISTTI) was established to promote the incubateur of small entreprise in the field of renewable energie. On the other hand the renowned associations PIPAD (Project Intégré pour la Promotion de l’Auto-Dévelopement) and CIPCRE (Cercle International pour la Promotion de la Création) will manage the integration and development of national and international activities.


- Galenic Tranning course          ​- ISTTI/EUROBIOPARK

- LACOME/EUROBIOPARK        ​- Cadre et Partenariat



Incubateur D 'Entreprise de Douala: Présentation des Activités 2014/2015( French)

Ce rapport décrit les principales actions menées, durant les deux premières années d’activités, par l’Incubateur d’Entreprises de Douala, et parallèlement permet d'imaginer/ d’entrevoir/ de planifier ce que serait le développement futur de ce projet et de toutes les nouvelles entreprises qui y sont créées.
La Société Géographique Italienne, l'Incubateur d'Entreprises de Douala et moi personnellement voudrons remercie les supports morale et financière de la Fondation Nando Peretti et de l'Eglise Evangélique Vaudoise Italien. Sans leur contributions ce projet ne sera jamais démarre.
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FIGHT AGAINST EBOLA , Innitiatives taken to counter the Epidemy of Ebola

In colaboration with the global conglomerate which includes UNESCO and the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone. The University of Tor Vergata along with its Professors in immunology, Prof. Prof. Vittorio Colizzi and Dr. Carla Montesano have taken critical steps to irradicate the epidemy of Ebola. Thus, they have provided an outlined report of the iniatives taken.

This report can be accessed by clicking on the link below ( Italian Version):

Molecular Biology and Immunology Laboratory(MBIL) Report...

The European Group of Biotechnology Science Park Tor Vergata (EUROBIOPARK) is a means to interface between different individual figures who bring their Professional and Scientific contributions to biotechnology applied to Biomedical areas, Bioinformatics, Agro-food and Environmental aspects within their personal capacity or as a members of the organization.

With the aim to broaden the University research and higher education in industrial development within the Municipality of Rome, The University of Tor Vergata in Rome was identified as the main site for the development of specific settlements and an "incubator" for start-ups and young companies with a high content of innovative research.

EUROBIOPARK is devoted towards its engagement in Research, Development and innovation. Having strong collaboration with scientific cooperation  and with a partnership with the Organization of the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization(UNESCO) office of Venezia...

Read more( Somario Attivita EUROBIOPARK.pdf)►


The general aim is to foster the development of a breeding ground for Cameroonian social innovators, through:

1. Understanding the needs and the potential of the business startup community in Douala and promoting a collective answer;

2. Identify an incubation model fitting the needs of the community;

3. Setting up a new business incubator in Douala with the aim of strengthening the business models of the disruptive social ideas raised in Cameroon and help them to be innovative and financi ally sustainable;

4. Training African educated young in African and Italian Universities in the field of science, economy and industrial development in order to transfer the knowhow on the management of an inc ubator/accelerator;

5. Training young African talents to start up social businesses in Cameroon, in order to have a positive and sustainable impact on employment and on the local community; boosting private and public investments in social startups in Cameroon;

6. Incubation of at least 10 startups in the first 18 months of activity of the incubator (September 2014 – March 2016).

Each specific aim responds to a specific part or phase of the project. Currently, the first two phases have collected funds, respectively by the Nando Peretti Foundation and by the Municip ality of Douala. The financial request for the third phase has already been sent out to the Waldesian Church of Italy, and this phase will start as soon as new funds will be raised (expect ed moth: October 2014).

Read The Full Project Here: Presentation Startup.pdf►



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